Fishing Club Reels in Members


SHC Fishing Club President Eric Anderson casts line in nearby lake.

Samantha Brosseau, Staff Writer

Spring Hill College junior Eric Andersen presented the idea to start a new fishing club to the Center for Student Involvement at the beginning of March 2023. The club was officially approved on March 20. 

The upbringing of this fishing club began when Anderson decided he no longer wanted to go fishing on his own. He had been passionate about fishing for many years, and he knew there had to be others at SHC who share the same passion. Andersen said, “I just want to fish and I know there are other people who also want to fish. Creating this club is a way to provide people with the opportunity and resources they need to go fishing while at school.”

Anderson, the new fishing club president, began the process of making this club official on SHC’s campus by filling out the Student Organization Recognition Application. This application required Andersen to make clear his intentions and expectations for the club. After completing the paperwork, Andersen created a draft of the club’s constitution and bylaws. This draft was later revised with the help of Quentin Brackenridge, who proved to be a great help to Andersen throughout this process. Once Andersen had the names of five SHC students willing to join the club, he was able to submit all of the necessary paperwork that would determine whether or not his request was approved. 

Andersen said he struggled throughout the process of completing the necessary paperwork and drafting the constitution because he would procrastinate doing the work. He had many conversations with Brackenridge to go over what would make for the perfect constitution, but he was just looking forward to the club becoming official. 

As of March 20, Andersen had 15 members ready to cast out at ponds and lakes around Mobile with SHC’s newest club. He also had plans to use local resources to plan a trip for members of the club to go fishing for shrimp later in the spring semester of 2023. Andersen said, “My expectation for this club is to have fun and get more people involved in fishing as well as making more connections for the future. I am excited to see what we can do by the end of the semester and even more excited to see what will happen to the club in the next couple of years.”

If you are interested in joining the fishing club or have any questions about it, contact [email protected]. If you have any questions about starting a new club at SHC, contact [email protected].