Drivers and Clueless Walkers Make The Hill Dangerous


John White, Staff Writer

John White, Staff Writer

I have a real issue with the people who make the roads of Spring Hill their personal sidewalks and walk in the middle of the road.

I understand that there are not many sidewalks on campus, but that does not defend those walking in the middle of the streets. I believe people could stay to the sides of the road and allow cars to drive normally, or even walk beside the road on the dirt path.

In my experience on campus, there have been many instances where I see people in the middle of the road, especially on the Avenue of Oaks. Alexandra Gonzalez, junior, said, “the walkers seem to enjoy getting their exercise on our beautiful campus. Every day, you can see them somewhere on Spring Hill walking or jogging.”

 I understand people like to enjoy the freedom, beauty and immersion that the Oaks present, but when people see vehicles approaching them they remain in the lane designated for the car’s path, it forces the driver to go around them. I believe it is a consistent situation of inconsideration for the driver and the safety of people who walk around campus.

SHC Student Davion Fitzgerald said, “personally, it is annoying because the fact that a person can see my car, which would hurt the person more than me, and they don’t move. They are not making it safe for either of us in this situation.”

I can recall moments when I was driving to Skips Dorm and I had to go down a hill with a slight turn, I saw people who were walking on the street headed up or down the hill. The huge issue with this is there is a sidewalk from Toolen to Skips but people still stay on the roads, even after seeing vehicles drive in their direction.

Additionally, I remember taking a sharp turn on campus and two women were on the road. I was not going to hit them, but what if I could not react fast enough? What if I was not naturally driving slower than most? A lot could have gone wrong, but what stuck with me was that they looked at me as if I was completely in the wrong. I felt both parties involved should take accountability for what could have been. I have learned from that moment, but I am not sure if other drivers understand the dangers that come with driving around on campus.

In short, the notion that pedestrians have the right away is in every driver’s manual but is blown out of proportion on campus. The right of way is designed for crosswalks and other legal options to walking the streets. I am all for exercise, but I am also for safety, respect and consideration. Personally, I want people to stay safe and be considerate while on the roads.