SGA Elections Head to Runoff

Peyton Horkavy, Staff Writer

The 2023 Student Government Association election resulted in a runoff after the top two presidential candidates Daniel Hadley and Nate Ojeda failed to garner enough votes for a clear win.

According to Vice President of Academic Affairs Kevin Abel, there were a total of 442 students who cast ballots on the March 25 election day, an almost 50% turnout. For a candidate to win they must receive more than 50% of the votes.

Presidential candidates Daniel Hadley and Nate Ojeda shared their own thoughts on the runoff election. 

Hadley, who is running with Vice President Candidate Walker Carlisle said, “we are really thankful for all the support and getting to this point in the process. Our message to the student body is that we’ve got a lot of great ideas and experience that is going to serve us well in this role. We’re really focused on improving facilities, advocating for diversity and inclusion, increasing transparency, simplifying the degree audit, advising the federal nursing grant. We’ve got so many big things that we’re really interested in tackling.”

Ojeda, who is running with Vice President Candidate Allie Berg, said, “this is an opportunity to talk to more students and a chance to more clearly understand the issues facing this campus. One message my campaign would like to share with the student body is that we are committed to improving student life like the need for quality housing, dining and improved campus services. During my time as a Senator, I have consistently advocated for the needs of the student body. It is my belief that no student should have to struggle with having their basic needs met. 

Voting is a cornerstone of democracy and current SGA President Luly Tuñón explained why it is important. “We want the student body to influence and impact the inner workings of the school because this is their school. When students vote and see the names of their potential leaders, it immediately forms a type of relationship.” Tuñón hopes to see the next president and vice president strengthen their relationships with the student body by showing students that their concerns are being heard and addressed. 

The runoff election will be held March 31 and the link to the ballot will be sent to all student emails. The runoff election will contain the presidential and vice-president tickets, along with the class senator elections.

For more information on the 2023 SGA election visit their official Instagram @shcsga.