Students Let Good Times Roll at Mardi Gras Ball


Samantha Gonzalez, Staff Writer

On February 4, the annual Spring Hill College Mardi Gras Ball allowed students to let the good times roll.  

This event included food, live music, a DJ and a photobooth. Senior Lorna Salbador spoke about how the evening came together. “It’s really nice to see everyone enjoying the experience and really livening up the place from when it was just decorated.” Senior Keanan Ard commented on the dance saying, “The foods been awesome, the musics been awesome, and we’re actually about to go back and start partying again.”

Not only were Spring Hill College students in attendance, but people from other colleges were able to participate. University of South Alabama student Melanie Watson commented on the atmosphere, saying, “As a non-Spring Hill Student, it is very welcoming. I came in and people that knew my friends were super welcoming.” Watson also added that the music and food at the event was great. 

Senior Perri Carr said about the night “I am so glad I went to this year’s Mardi Gras ball. I have contamination OCD so I rarely go to big social outings, but because it is my senior year I really wanted to get out of my shell. Being surrounded with those I love most really made my crowd anxiety disappear. It is really bittersweet that this was my last one.”

This was the Mardi Gras Ball’s third consecutive year since the pandemic back in 2020. 

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