How to Make Moving Out Easier


Kate Zeller

    Residence Life Coordinator MacKenzie Barron sent out an email to all students with the instructed moving-out information on April 12. Barron said, “Underclassmen and non-graduating students will need to be moved out 24 hours after their last exam. For seniors who are graduating, we ask that all seniors be moved out by 6 p.m. on May six.” According to residence life, failure to adhere to the rules will result in a billed fine of $100 per hour or up to $500 for a non-checkout. It is important to note that these fines do not include potential damage charges.      

     Barron understands that some students may need to stay late due to certain circumstances. Barron said, “I know international travel can be kind of a hassle to work around, someone graduating in your family at Spring Hill and for people who are staying for summer housing. We can work through these requests. I also know that life happens, and things come up. For the late stay request, I want students to reach out to me.” However, Barron is asking students to reach out to their resident advisors first for information on moving out and questions about late stays. 

According to residence life, RA’s are expected to be holding floor meetings for their residents to discuss the checkout process and any other questions students may have. These floor meetings are required for all residents to attend. However, Barron urged, “If you’re getting an answer that is not satisfactory, please reach out to me directly through email.”

    Senior Addy Grundmeyer gave insight on moving out. “Moving out is always super sad and can be very stressful. It is hard balancing finals week and trying to move your belongings out at the same time while trying to soak up the rest of the semester,” said Grundmeyer. 

Grundmeyer also gave tips she has learned during her time at Spring Hill College. “Throw out everything you don’t need first. That way you’re able to realize how many things you are bringing home. I would also recommend a storage unit if you live far away because it makes moving in the fall easier,” said Grundmeyer.

  Spring Hill College does not provide summer storage. Portier Apartments is the only residence hall that has storage units but students must remove any items prior to their check out day. Any left over items will be removed. 

 “I would recommend getting a storage unit as soon as you can if you have not already done that yet or I recommend trying to get rid of items by giving them to friends or other people who may need them for next year,” Barron said.

According to Barron, for any personal items that students do not want or want to get rid of, there will be trash bins around the campus dorms and apartments. 

According to residence life, those who signed up to live on campus this summer will remain in their current assignment until May 15. On May 15, summer residents will move to their summer assignment. Summer residents will receive additional information regarding their summer assignments during the week of April 17th.