Studies Should Count for Work Experience


Natalie Williamson

Natalie Williamson

Today, most jobs that are hiring require at least one to two years of experience. Those graduating from college and looking for positions that are hiring in their field of study, might not have the required years of experience that the organization or business is looking for. 

Students who are in college might not have the time to work while taking up to 18 credit hours. explains why some jobs are looking for those with experience. “Many entry-level jobs express a preference for experienced candidates to encourage these types of professionals to apply.” 

While jobs might be looking for individuals who have been involved in the workforce for two-plus years, a recent college graduate could be considered more qualified. College students spend four years studying and learning about their field, so why is this not considered experience? 

According to the TopResume website, “If companies posted entry-level jobs requiring zero experience, then they could get flooded with unqualified applicants who don’t know the first thing about the industry.”

Most college students who are nearing graduation are looking for jobs in their field of study. For example, a journalist might be looking for a position as a reporter at a news organization, and a nursing major might be looking to work at a hospital. When these students apply, those that are hiring are looking for experience in the workforce. 

I believe if a student has focused on their field of study for years, these years should be considered experience. How can individuals gain work experience if a business or organization is not willing to hire anyone without experience? By their senior year of college, students have taken internships to better prepare them for the real world. They not only learn more about their field but gain a better understanding of what it is like to work in the industry and be present in the workplace with other employees. 

However, some organizations and businesses do not consider this to be an actual experience. Before graduating, most students have a portfolio that features their work. This is created in hopes that professionals will view their work and hire them. Perhaps the work that is featured on the student’s portfolio could be compared to someone in the industry, and the student’s work might be better than the professional’s. However, because the student does not have as much experience in the workforce as the professional has, the student might not get the job.