SGA Officers Sworn In


Samantha Brosseau, Staff Writer

Junior Daniel Hadley and freshman Walker Carlisle were officially sworn in as president and vice president of Spring Hill College’s Student Government Association on April 13.

With Hadley and Carlisle having officially stepped into their newfound leadership position, their main focus is on bringing transparency, involvement and improvement to the Spring Hill College campus for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Hadley said, “That’s the main thing–just improvement. Building off of everything that Luly and Ashley and all of SGA has done in the past and adding our own touch to it. Just doing the best we can and trying to better understand what students feel like needs to be done.” 

According to Hadley, one way Hadley and Carlise plans to bring change is by introducing a cabinet seat for diversity and inclusion. SGA does not currently have a position for someone to represent diversity and inclusion, but Hadley feels as though students have presented a need for such a position for the 2022-2023 school year. 

 Carlisle has mentioned the goal to bring back Badger Nation, a student-led spirit club. Badger Nation has been on campus in the past, but not in the recent years. This club would promote school spirit at various school-sponsored events. 

Hadley and Carlisle are also looking to improve facilities around campus. They hope to set up a system where student affairs can reach out on a regular basis to students and check on the state of the student’s facilities. This way, the college can address unacceptable areas of campus and be able to identify the problems around campus. 

Continuing with the goal of prioritizing facilities around campus, Hadley and Carlisle are working toward creating a student section for work orders to guarantee that the problems students have reported are being resolved. This student verification aspect would allow students to verify that the work order has been completed. 

Hadley and Carlise also want to increase transparency between student government and SHC students. According to Hadley, SGA elections are important, so it is also important for the voters to know more about what platform they actually voted for. 

Hadley and Carlisle also plan to send out a summary of what they are working on after every weekly senate meeting. This allows students to be aware of what SGA is and is not addressing, and it would give students the opportunity to reach out to SGA with any questions or concerns. 

Hadley and Carlisle are looking forward to getting started with their plans going into the 2023-2024 academic year. Carlisle adds, “If you have a problem, just stop us, text us, email us.”

If you have any questions or concerns regarding SGA, contact [email protected].